Who’s writing this stuff anyway?

Blue Rock 2-9-12 cropHi, my name’s Judi.  At the present time I live in Austin, TX with my Border Collie, Pippin and an Eclectus Parrot named Cowboy.  My regular gig is managing an animal hospital.  I also run a small non-profit, Love For the Underdog that was created to honor the life and legacy of my friend and former pastor, David A. Gentiles.

The recent big news is that in July of 2015 I came home from a visit to my sister’s in the Appalachian mountains in North Carolina and decided that I wanted a life in those mountains.  So, as of mid-April 2016 I will be moving to the area around Roan Mountain, TN, just across the North Carolina border.

This blog is about things that I am grateful for.  I love to sing, play music, hike, camp; I’m an avid birder and of course, I love being with my pets.  In a past life I trained horses professionally too.  So, you’ll be reading musings on all of those things at some point or another.  I hope you’ll check in and let me know what you’re grateful for too!


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