The gift of paying attention…

Sunrise 1-12-14 edit

“The quality of life is
in proportion, always,
to the capacity for

The capacity
for delight is the
gift of paying

–Julia Cameron, “The Artist’s Way”

I took the photo shown above yesterday morning as I was leaving the house to go help set up for church.  I generally leave the house a little before 7:00 a.m. and as I got in my truck to leave I noticed a hint of orange from the sun just beginning to peek up from behind the roof tops of my neighbor’s houses.  The way that the winter bare trees looked against the crystal clear early morning sky was breathtaking to me.  I had to stop to get out and take a photo.  The entire drive in I kept looking for a place to pull over to catch the perfect sunrise.  Driving across the Mopac bridge near downtown I was completely astounded by the dazzling, orange ball coming up behind the skyscrapers.  If I would not have been risking life and limb to pull over on the freeway and get that shot I would have stopped in a heartbeat.

All of this just simply would not have happened six months ago.  I would have been rushing along, intent on getting from point A to point B and I would have missed all of the beauty happening around me.  This is the gift that I have been given since I have begun to nurture the creative child that I never even knew existed within me.  A change has come over me.  I notice things that I would not have noticed before.  A beautiful sunrise; the color of fall leaves; a poem or a song that touches me…

I’m just starting out on this journey and I’m so looking forward to where it will take me.  I have a lot to learn about photography and writing and the creative life in general.  This Wednesday I’ll take a step forward in my education by starting a photography class.  I’m excited; a little nervous, but mostly I’m grateful for the gifts that this creative journey has given me.   It is an awakening whose time has come…


Moonrise 1-13-14 006


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